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Former Juventus goalkeeper: ‘The referees want to favor Napoli..’ | English News

26 August at 22:35

Former Juventus goalkeeper Stefano Taccani has said that the referees in the Serie A want to favor Napoli this season.

In an interview that he gave, he talked about the refereeing this season and said:  “In my opinion this year with arbitrages they want to favor some team from the South.  In my opinion this year they want to favor Napoli, we have already seen it on the first day”. 

On the usage of VAR, he said: “The referee always decides, VAR or not VAR, he is a referee who decides. Unfortunately, they still decide. It is good for Juve, at least now he no longer steals just her but steals others too.”

Napoli picked up a 4-3 win over Fiorentina on the opening day of the season on Saturday. But there were many controversial refereeing decisions throughout the game, as Napoli were handed a penalty for a controversial spot-kick that was handed and Lorenzo Insigne scored.


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