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New Milan stadium, councillors divided on San Siro demolition | English News

27 September at 21:15

City of Milan councillors weren’t too impressed by the presentation yesterday hosted by Inter and Milan, revealing the two potential projects for the new stadium, according to
The majority of councillors were sceptical or opposed entirely to the demolition of the historic Giuseppe Mezza stadium, more famously known as the San Siro. The Centre-left majority was divided between those that would prefer more extensive renovations to the existing San Siro, and those that were in favour of a new stadium, who also called for greater transparency on the planned redevelopment of the surrounding area.
On 10th October the City of Milan will decide whether to grant the declaration of public interest in the work, therefore reducing the time and procedures needed to secure the permissions. The Territorial Government Plan will arrive next week and must be approved by the 14th October.
Fans have also been asked by both clubs to give their feedback about the two suggested projects.

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