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Platini takes aim: ‘I was the victim of conspiracy..’ | English News

07 September at 17:10

Former UEFA President Michel Platini has taken aim at authorities for hatching a conspiracy to getting him suspended as the UEFA President.

Platini had resigned from the post as the UEFA President back in 2015 due to corruption charges. Sepp Blatter too had left as the FIFA President at the same time.

In an interview that Platini has given to RTS talking about his future, he said: “I’ll be back, I don’t know where, I don’t know how. But I won’t be suspended even if it’s a suspension made by cretins. I was the victim of a form of conspiracy, yes, certainly, among the people of FIFA and people of the Public Ministry of the Confederation. 

“There was a cordial understanding between them to expel me. I’m not saying it’s a plot by the Swiss state. Infantino? He probably don’t want me to return. “


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