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Top 5 Italian sides to try in Football Manager 20 | English News

20 September at 09:45

Italian football historically has had some of the most fascinating storylines over the 21st century; and you can create more in FM20. At the turn of the millennium, Italian clubs were outspending their other European counterparts; with the likes of Juventus, Lazio and Inter, amongst others, spending large amounts of money on bringing the top stars to their teams. In the mid-noughties, Calcio was plagued by the infamous Calciopoli saga; various clubs found guilty of match-fixing.

More recently, the country has been the centre of attention. Cristiano Ronaldo, arguably one of the greatest footballers of all time, moved to the league last summer to join Juventus; whilst this summer has seen plenty of fascinating storylines, including a whole range of big transfers and managerial changes.

For this reason, the 2019/20 season promises to be extremely interesting for fans of Italian football, as well as garnering the attention of more fans from around the world. What this also means is that the newest edition of Football Manager will have some rather fun teams to try out in the world of calcio; so if you haven’t delved into it before, now is the perfect time.

There are plenty of interesting saves to try; from Inter Milan to Brescia to Bari, there is something for everyone…


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